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At HRStrategistGroup we work with you to achieve your end goals   We ensure solutions are long lasting and will never walk away from our commitment until you are completely satisfied.

Our solutions are designed to help the organization and its individuals to grow and evolve - all in an effective, comfortable and respectful way with the philosophy that each and everyone is unique. 

Our philosophy is always to exceed expectations!  Each new project is personally evaluated and designed by Maria Drew and as the project takes form and shape, each step is carefully tested and aligned with the Customer.

Once the final project plan and delivery commitments are in place, we present the Solution Team to the Customer for final adjustments and approval.

All our engagements are furthermore personally managed by Maria Drew to ensure the quality and integrity of our deliverables.

We look forward to working with you.

Maria Drew


About Us

Maria Drew

Maria Drew is the founder and President of HRstrategistGroup, a Miami based management consultancy a

 Maria Drew is the founder and President of HRstrategistGroup, a Miami based management consultancy and a strategic advisory firm to C-level executives looking to leverage business growth through change, effective business improvement and people strategies.

Prior to forming HRstrategistGroup, for more than 25 years Ms. Drew held numerous executive roles in some of the world’s most successful corporations known for their Human Capital initiatives and Organizational Development. Such roles include Executive Vice President of Right Management for South Florida and Caribbean; Chief Talent Officer at Atento (a division of Telefonica), and VP of Human Resources for The Walt Disney Company - Latin America. 

As subject matter expert and practitioner, Maria Drew is very active in the local business community where she provides guidance and coaching to top executives and peers. Maria is Past Board Member and President of the Greater Miami Society for Human Resource Management, Past President of Total Rewards Association of South Florida, and a guest lecturer for the Master of Science in Human Resource Management at Florida International University. 

Maria is best known for her passion, candor and collaborative approach with clients to impact positive and lasting change in organizations. As a true business partner, she is often included in senior executive conversations to strategically determine the best way to align people strategies with business goals.  

Maria contributes in a variety of areas to include executive coaching, workshops, strategic off-sites, talent assessments and employee policy manual development.

Maria Drew is a certified coach and holds a degree in Business Administration and Human Resource Management. She is fluent in English and Spanish, with conversational level of fluency in Portuguese.  

Leadership Coaching


Coaching is a unique and distinct profession. A coach works with individuals to: 

  • Shift thinking
  • Address challenges 
  • Reach goals 
  • Take decisive action

The HRstrategist coach acts as a thought-partner in the individual's developmental journey, designing and implementing plans of action while working through the inevitable business challenges that arise. We strive to bring out the individual's personal best, keeping focused on the needs, values and vision of the individual and the organization. 

HRstrategist's approach to coaching involves significant time up front to drive a specific mindset, then moving to behavioral changes and finally moving to significant ingrained habitual shifts.

Our methodology begins with assessment tools specific to the situation to be addressed. In the initial stages, sessions should be frequent and intense in order to internalize concepts and corresponding behavioral definitions. An action plan will be designed and mutually agreed upon. The final stages of the program are designed to practice the new behaviors that coincide with new thinking, drive sustainability, and "wean the candidate" from the coach; the desired end result is for the candidate to no longer need his/her coach and be able to "fly solo" in his newly developed leadership style.

Why does HRstrategist coaching work?

Our coaching works because of three unique features:

  • Synergy:  The Client, the individual, and the coach become a team, focusing on everyone's goals and needs to accomplish more than the individual and/or client would alone.
  • Structure: With a coach, the individual takes more action, thinks bigger, and gets the job done due to the accountability the coach provides.
  • Expertise: The coach knows how to drive mind-shifts and behavioral changes. We know how to define appropriate goals and motivate individuals for maximum productivity.


HR Consulting


HR Consulting


Our HR Consulting Business offers you a “de-facto” Human Resources Department if you don’t have such a function or have limited resources. We can handle any or all of the various functions typically found within an HR department.  We can help your hiring process go smoother, minimize risk when needing to terminate employees, and resolve employee issues when they arise.  This will free up your time to focus on your business’ bottom line.  Our HR services can be basic or complete; engaged on hourly or project basis; or to fill interim HR positions. Our Consultants are experts in their fields and bring you tangible and intangible results.  You acquire large corporation HR knowhow scaled to the size of your business.

​ You might think that this is a "Nice to Have" rather than a "Need to Have" - but it is an essential function to ensure compliance with all Federal and State Labor Laws.

Organizational Diagnostic


Organizational Diagnostic

coaching Our diagnostic model employs various theoretical perspectives to analyze the underlying causes of identified problems or challenges, and their interrelations with the ecosystem of the organization.  

We gather organizational data to identify specific patterns, problems and challenges on which to focus subsequent analysis.  This involves understanding the key leaders of the organization and understanding the organization itself.  The consulting team will develop a reliable model tailored to analyze each of the identified business gaps.  To construct these models, our team will supplement our own diagnostic data with externally available evidence.  

The end result being a feasible implementation plan. 

Strategic Career Management

Strategic Career Management


Is your career managing you or are you managing your career?  It’s time to put you back in the driver seat!  

As agents and partners, we manage the careers of executives through a process that we have honed over the past decade. This process was developed out of a deep belief that executive careers, like products, services and companies, need to be managed by a team of objective observers with an expertise in executive branding and "distribution".  

After careful vetting, we partner with you to design a plan to achieve your long term goals.  We will also be actively involved in your career management plan by identifying and obtaining the resources you need to move forward.  

While you work on your business, we work on you. 

Our solutions are unique - with measurable results  

As a Customer with HRStrategist, you get to work with a team of highly accomplished professionals.

Our vision and constellation is such that our custom-designed and tailored solutions are coupled with handpicked high performing delivery teams that are experts in their field.




Lania Rittenhouse, VP Product Development, Carnival Cruise LInes

 "While at NorwegianCruise Line, I had the very good fortune of spending quality time with Maria Drew who served as my career coach. On an intellectual level, Maria has laser sharp focus and is able to quickly identify simple ways to augment any skill you wish to improve. On a personal level, I'm proud to call her a mentor and friend. Maria had the uncanny ability to help me find solutions to leadership challenges I identified by encouraging me to look internally and be true to my personal and professional goals. Maria also conducted a very valuable offsite session in team dynamic's for me and my team and we all loved and benefited from her wisdom and insights!  If you're looking for a Human Resources professional who has the capability of unleashing the best in your corporate leaders, I highly recommend you get to know Maria Drew"  

Dick Clark, CEO & President at Clark Leadership Consulting

 "Maria is someone that I have long admired. Joining our organization coming from Disney just enriched my expertise so greatly. Maria always has had such a wonderful style with people. Quiet in her persona, but ever so powerful in her insights and wisdom. One of the other great qualities of Maria is her sensitivity to multicultural issues. Her sincerity and gentle nature to various cultures makes her invaluable to any organization. One word of advice with working with Maria. Listen! When she speaks she always has something of great value to offer" 

Carlos Botero, VP HR

 "Maria may be the best consultant in her field supporting this region. She cuts through the nonsense and side issues with grace and gets straight to the core problems and opportunities. Her experience is rich and she brings all of it and all of the resources of her organization together to provide the client fast and long lasting results. Those who engage Maria are lucky to do so!"

Patricia Figueroa, Office Manager, H2Only Renewable

 "In 2008, Maria provided me with priceless career advice. Her expert consulting skills, sincere interest and superlative guidance taught me valuable lessons regarding career development and, it is my hope, provided me with a life-long friend and reliable, trustworthy source of information for any ventures and projects I decide to take on in the future. She is undoubtedly a tremendous asset for her organization and it would be a great pleasure to work with her again someday!"

Jim Chaffee, Group Supervisor

 "Maria Drew and I worked together at the Walt Disney Company Corporate Headquarters in Burbank, California. I started in 1990 and Maria was extremely helpful assisting this new Midwestern transplant with the Disney Corporate Culture. It was indeed the "Disney Decade" (1990 - 2000) with many exciting events and transformations occurring throughout the Disney Corporation. Disney was energetic, fast paced and completely unscripted as major changes happened almost overnight. It took special people to put all the pieces together especially in the Human Resources arena. In that, Maria excelled. Maria has an uncanny ability to see through all the rhetoric and hone in on the immediate solution to complicated issues. She is a consummate professional at all executive levels and she has a smooth and calming demeanor that enables problematic issues to be dissected into manageable pieces. Maria was instrumental in guiding my division through some major structural and personnel changes"    

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